Sanshiro is a student-run organization aimed at solving the environmental problems.
Most of the members are students or alumni of the University of Tokyo.
About 40 freshmen and sophomores are involved in the activities at Komaba campus.
We have three main activities.
1. Assistance for the courses at the University of Tokyo
2. Research and Suggestions
Research and suggestion on the environmental management by colleges, environmental education for the elementary school, and corporate social responsibility (CSR), etc.
3. Improving the local environment
Reuse market, composting fallen leaves, helping make our school festival greener, etc.

The Future of Sanshiro
Fifteen years have passed since Sanshiro was founded in 1993. We were merely a student organization back then, but we have grown substantially. In October, 2008, we held the symposium for the public to celebrate our fifteenth anniversary. Our alumni are now actively working at various places, including public companies, government, municipal offices, and research institutes. Through the communication between our alumni and the current students, we can have a wider point of view in our activity, which further enriches our activities.